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New Release – Aisling’s Revelation


When her grandmother dies suddenly, Aisling’s life is turned upside down. The fifteen-year-old girl doesn’t know how she is going to keep the smallholding going. She is now alone in the world with no family she can turn to for help.

She senses someone loitering around the cottage, but she never actually sees anyone until the day of the her gran’s passing when a stranger appears at the door.
The stranger, and a female companion who turns up later, reveal they are Elves and convince her that she is an Elf too, and that they have been sent by her birth parents to bring her home.
Once she is convinced, she agrees to go with them and they embark on the journey to the realm of Light, but on the way disaster strikes:
The first thing Aisling is aware of is the awful smell. It is like a combination of  rotting meat and the horrible stinkweed that grows near the cottage. The air is musty and the rock wall is damp under her back. When she tries to move her foot, an excruciating pain shoots up her leg… Amazon

The Writer

Vicki was born and educated in England. She migrated to North America at the age of nineteen and settled in Canada. After many years of toil and stress, including the raising of four children, she ended up in Vancouver, single, and ready to create a new life.

The support she received from the editor of a small press who accepted her first novel encouraged her to continue writing, although that novel was not published.

Vicki subsequently finished about 15 novels—ten of which have been published— and one reference book of which she is very proud. After writing mainstream fiction for several years, she turned to a genres she enjoyed reading, Speculative and Science Fiction.

Recently, she has ventured into writing Fantasy, which she had scorned until she came across a book by Marion Zimmer Bradley —The Mists of Avalon—in her club library and became an instant fan. Another Fantasy novel she discovered in a used bookstore was Taliesin by Stephen R Lawhead. These two books led her to becoming an avid reader of the genre. Incidentally, she was attracted to both these books by their glorious cover art which to her dismay have now been replaced by covers that are much less appealing.

In addition to being an opinionated eccentric, she is a vegetarian, a pacifist, a Jesusonian, and loves  trees, chromatics—the science of color and harmony. In case you’re wondering, a Jesusonian is a person attempts to follow the teachings of Jesus without the intervention of priests and churches.

Non Fiction


Names of the World by [Wootton, Vicki]

Names of the World is the book of which I am most proud. It is a handy reference for writers which can also be used by genealogists and people tracing their ancestry. It could be a good source of interesting and original names for a new baby, and anyone who is fascinated by the incredible variety of names and naming traditions throughout the world.

My purpose when I started to compile this collection of names was to provide a reference for fiction writers who wanted to use international characters in their stories.
I spent three years collecting names and doing my best to authenticate them. I wanted to fill a gap that was glaringly obvious in the other name books with which I became acquainted—that is they were limited in scope to only a few areas of the world, chiefly Europe. I wanted to make it a comprehensive reference of names from every country in the world and also include many ethnic sub-groups. It includes both Family Names and Given Names.
This book covers Pronunciation, Sources, Naming Traditions, and contains three Appendices, and a multi-page Bibliography.
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Where have all the young girls gone? by [Wootton, Vicki]By 2040, the year Julia is born, there is only one female birth for every five males. The situation continues to worsen in the second half of the twenty-first century, until by the time Julia is in her teens, the ratio has dropped to one in twenty-five. Scientists around the world scramble to discover what is causing this decline in female births, and to find a remedy. The world is turned upside down by the social changes brought about by the epidemic. This story tells how the surplus men try to adjust to the situation, and how women handle their newfound power, which comes with a high price: severe restrictions on their freedom and safety. After a failed marriage, Julia prospers as a courtesan, a high-status occupation in the new society. Catherine, Julia’s daughter, is abducted as a teenager by religious fundamentalists and her life follows radically different path from that of her mother. PrinteBookGoogle Books

At War With Terror by [Wootton, Vicki]

The so-called war on terror doesn’t let up. Individual freedoms are eroded and human rights violated by all sides. It goes on relentlessly throughout the world and the difference between the “good guys” and “bad guys” becomes increasingly blurred. This is the story of three groups of people in different parts of the world who are fundamentally affected by this war. Ordinary people who, through no fault of their own other than expressing an opinion or daring to tell the truth, or merely being in the wrong place, are drawn into the conflict. A middle class family from Vancouver, two poor former academic families in Nicaragua, and a couple of British journalists suffer devastating consequences, their lives destroyed forever. They join up in an effort to bring an end to the conflict, not by fighting fire with fire, but by appealing to reason and attempting to influence citizens by releasing information about what’s being done in their name, hoping they will persuade their leaders to seek more rational, humane
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Forbidden World by [Wootton, Vicki]When the colony ship Pacific Unity emerges from the interstellar portal, the colonists discover they have arrived in the wrong system. While the system does have an Earth-like planet, it is already occupied and their charter forbids settlement on inhabited worlds. After negotiating with the inhabitants, the Pacificans set up a temporary colony on an uninhabited continent. They are confronted with many questions, the foremost being: Where are we and how did we end up here? Without this knowledge, they cannot plot a course to their original target. Then there is the question of what is causing the psychic changes in their children, and the cellular changes everyone soon experiences. Contact with Earth brings the news that theirs is the only colony ship that did not return to the home world, another mystery. Increasing tension between the colonists and the permanent inhabitants, the Sab’lichi, creates more pressure to find an uninhabited world where they can settle.  Amazon 
Reluctant Warriors by [Wootton, Vicki]


The peaceful nation of Caladon has been cut off from the rest of the world for hundreds of years, until one day they are brutally attacked, and must find a way to defend themselves without betraying their non-violence ethics.

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Fatal front

Imagine a world without electricity, transportation, supermarkets, telephones or any of the other amenities we are accustomed to in the early twenty-first century. After the world-wide epidemics of 2025 and 2026, this is what life is like in the Pacific northwest. There are no hospitals, governments or emergency services of any kind. Civilization has broken down and the survivors are on their own.
Celeste Colbert is thirteen at the time of the first outbreak, living with her family in Vancouver. She experiences the loss of family members and friends, schools closing and orderly life in the city descending into anarchy. With a close-knit group of family and friends, Celeste leaves the city for a remote village in the hope they will be safe there to continue their struggle for survival. The story follows Celeste through thirteen years, as she grows to maturity in a much different world.  Amazon eBook