Author Profile – Monique Singleton

About Monique

Monique Singleton writes compelling stories that mix fantasy with realistic psychological suspense and unique insights into the mind of the main characters.

The daughter of a British soldier and his Dutch wife, Monique was born in an English military hospital in Germany. The family toured the world where she was exposed to different cultures in many countries. Finally settling down in the Netherlands she pursued a career in Art and later in ICT.

She lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in the south of Holland with her two sloppy monster dogs, some horses, and a cat.
The cat is the boss.

On becoming a writer

About six years ago Monique started to put the scenes she had running around in her head, down to paper.
Scenes led to a story, the story to a book, and the first book to a series.
In addition to her writing, Monique still holds down a full-time job as a business consultant.

Latest publication

The Lion’s Den – Book IV in the Primal Series

Into The Lion's Den: The Primal Series IV by [Singleton, Monique]Anadi is Primal, the 5th Rider of the Apocalypse,  a true Force of Nature.
Old and new enemies unite against her as she finally comes face to face with her creator. She knew that killing Azazel wouldn’t go unpunished—her past has a habit of coming back to haunt her—but this time they’re taking hostages.
As Nature attempts to restore balance, a new Conquest has been chosen – the question is, which side of the scales will he be on?

And who will come out alive?

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More in the Primal Series.

Some reviews of the earlier novels


Absolutely brilliant – I can’t really put into words how great this really is. A wonderful new take on shifters, the Four Horsemen and the interaction they all have with Mother Nature. Imprisoned, she is only freed on the agreement that she terminates a dictator. Her mission leads her to finding out more about herself. Lies, greed, power and control are all mixed in this explosive read. Culminating in a fight with another like her. Fast moving action, plots within plots are skillfully wove with a subtle thread of romance. A great read that will have you wanting the next part to this story “Now!”


Wow, how to say how good this book was. It was a superior story, excellent, well written, the characters like Jess, toad and the group are good strong, likeable characters. Even the bad guys are good strong characters. At times things get quite violent and gruesome, with the fighting, however it’s necessary to the story. It would be hard to write a book with a beast and mafia groups without it. Jess is hired to help with some major corruption. Is was great watching things unfold, friendships made, enemies fight, finding out about the beast. There was mystery, backstabbing, a joking toad, a beast in need of killing, just to much to relay. A must read for sure. The best news there is another book 


I’m loving this series. It’s different to anything I’ve read before. The Beast Inside, the latest book is even more compelling and engaging, if that’s possible. The characters are realistic, full bodied and interesting. Good, bad and evil. The world Jess lives in is one you can almost see, hear and smell, especially the jungle. As always there is plenty of action, mostly when Jess has to let the Beast loose. At the same time you never lose sight of the woman underneath. She has to find her answers!

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My Turn

Monique Is another of those amazing women whose careers have followed a path I would have wanted for myself.  An artist, a writer, a home in Europe, and even a cat. She’s not just any writer, she has a unique imagination and her story building is so effective, she has a following of admiring fans. It looks as if her future as a writer is secure and I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors.

This week

I received a message from one of my writer friends recently asking for ideas for a gift to give his wife, whom he adores. One of my ideas was, ‘get her a kitten.’ I can’t think of anything that would please me more although it is not possible for me because I live on the third floor of an apartment building.

As a consolation, I stick to planting a garden on my balcony, summer and winter. I just got the bulbs and pansies in, even though the geraniums are still thriving—at the end of November in Western Canada! 

The hopeful writer

Did you know that you can read any of my eBooks at no cost by ‘borrowing” them from the Kindle library? The only thing I ask if you do read one (or a few) is that you post a review on Amazon.  

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