Author Profile – Christa Bedwin

About Christa

As you will see, Christa is an amazing woman. She grew up on a cattle ranch in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where she spent her growing years riding horses and getting to know more about trees and the clouds than people!

She subsequently earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry, and a B.Ed., which gave her an excellent basis for her interesting and diverse  career.

Christa has been a chemist, a logger, a high school math/chemistry teacher, a farm labourer, a baker, an oil company secretary, an Outback Jilleroo*, a belly-dancer and yoga teacher, a construction equipment operator, a musician, and an engineering business-writing consultant teacher. She has written many books and articles, including children’s books, romance novels, and Chemistry textbooks.

Her curiosity has taken her around the world. She has so far visited more than forty countries in her search for adventure and knowledge.

* The name for working cowgirls (the cowboys are known as jackeroos) on a sheep or cattle station.


Christa enjoys life as a freelance writer and editor, and plans to continue to travel in the future, finding fascinating settings for the adventures of her characters, including dragons. She finds special magic in wild places, in deserts, and on islands. Her uplifting novels include romance, humour, wise and wizardly characters, intriguing capable men, and enchanting sympathetic women. She also includes time travel to fascinating periods and people in history.

She says, “I believe that writing should be uplifting and should help us feel happy or give us ideas about how to live better lives. I like to write about real people, romance, adventure, history.”

The Future

Christa and her son Yarrow recently moved back to Canada after spending a few years homeschooling, farm volunteering, and travelling through Europe.

She is now working on a sequel to her popular novel, Caterina’s Renaissance.

The sequel, Blodwyn’s  Redemption, features the female villain from the first novel who goes back in time to post-Roman, pre-Christian Cornwall, and finds a better self than she ever knew she had. There are also two dragons, and not one, but two sexy heroes.

Plans and wishes

Christa intends to write more articles and books to inspire people, while she continues raising her amazing son. She also hopes to meet the love of her life, and to continue to enjoy life and love, and the people and beauty around her.

She is also working on an entertaining little time-travel trilogy about two smart young women from Edinburgh, both who find the loves of their lives. The first one, Idelle’s Inheritance, is available now on Amazon

Christa’s Books

Caterina’s Renaissance

Caterina's Renaissance by [Bedwin, Christa]

Caterina has finally found a small, peaceful island where she can raise sheep, illustrate children’s books, and hide away from the problems of her previous life.
Then Massimo, the sexy hero she dreams of, drops out of the Renaissance into her modern-day reality. He and her seem-normal-but-turn-out-to-be-magical neighbours help her understand that there’s a dragon living on her property (preposterous and impossible), and that she herself is a key to help to save the island from a modern-day threat.
Massimo and Caterina drop through time into Renaissance Venice, trying to find the treasure they need to save the island. Travelling centuries into the past with Massimo helps Caterina find deliciIous solutions she did not expect.

More Fiction by Christa Bedwin

Idelle's Inheritance by [Bedwin, Christa]Idelle’s Inheritance

Idelle has just inherited her clan’s Georgian home in New Town Edinburgh, and her great-aunt has left her with the task of finding a lost document that she’s convinced is behind a secret panel. However, when she finds the panel, she tumbles into the past and meets a cousin, who vows to help her find what she needs in 1798 Edinburgh… and decides to find what she herself needs in 2018!

The Canadian Girls Series
The Celtic Coast Connection (Canadian Girls Book 1) by [Bedwin, Christa]   Lanette of the Land (Canadian Girls Book 2) by [Bedwin, Christa]   Two Secrets and a Chase (Canadian Girls Book 3) by [Bedwin, Christa]

Links for additional information 

Amazon Author Page   Book Bub page
Web page  – LinkedIn – Facebook
Corporate training for consultants – Corporate communications

Now it’s my turn

Getting to know  Christa is inspiring. She seems to live the sort of life I would have liked but never had the courage to pursue. And her achievements are amazing. I know she will go far because she is so full of life and enthusiasm.

I doubt I could ever compete with her—that is not my intention—but reading about her adventures got me thinking about the things I’ve done. I’ve also had an interesting life, spent mostly shooting myself in the foot.

Job-wise, I started out as a helper in the kitchen of a hotel where my father was the head chef. I’ve been a clerk in a furniture factory, a progress chaser in a rubber factory,  a hotel manager’s assistant, and a pre-student nurse. That was before I became a wife and mother of three sons and a daughter.

Post marriage, I went through a slew of jobs, credit checker in a bank, nurse’s aid, government clerical worker, and so on. I went to college a few times, nursing school twice, and ended up in my favorite job, law office accountant. I’ve also been a galley girl on a fishing boat in California, and bookkeeper for two charitable English teacher in Mexico.

My most challenging experiences related to civil rights activities in the 1980s. I went to Nicaragua as a Witness for Justice and Peace during the Contra war, and to El Salvadore during their civil war to support labor unions that were being  threatened by government death squads. The headquarters of the union organization was bombed by the death squads the following year and many of the people I met were killed.
(See my novel At War With Terror).

I have always been involved in civil rights and environmental protection.
My earliest environmental action was to give up eating meat in the early 1970s.

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