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 Kat Parrish is a former reporter who prefers making things up. She lived in France and Germany as a child, has traveled to five of the seven continents (Africa and Antarctica remain on her wish list) and would dearly love to celebrate her 100th birthday on the space station. She lives in the Pacific Northwest near a haunted cemetery. For updates and announcements (and prizes and giveaways), sign up for Kat’s newsletter.

Kat  recently expanded what had been a novella (MAGIC IN THE BLOOD) and republished it as a novel this weekend: 

Magic in the Blood: La Bruja Roja #1

Magic in the Blood: La Bruja Roja #1 by [Parrish, Kat]

Aixa Riley lives in two worlds. The daughter of an American father and a Mexican mother, she is heir to a tradition of magic older than the nations that claim her as a citizen and is the latest member of her mother’s family to be known as la bruja roja, the red witch.

Aixa’s hometown, Sangre de Cristo, is located on the border between the US and Mexico but also straddles the invisible divide between the land of the living and the realm of the dead. Aixa is a resident of both those worlds as well and can see trouble coming in all directions.

When dangerous sorceress Rosamara Quintana allies with an ambitious drug lord nicknamed “El Tiburon” (the shark) and their plans threaten to destroy Sangre De Cristo, Aixa summons her own potent powers to save her life, her love, and her very soul, aided by the local padre, the ghost of her grandmother—herself a red witch—and her sexy undercover boyfriend.
Magic in the Blood is a stand-alone urban fantasy novella that introduces red witch Aixa Riley and the colorful cast of characters—both living and dead—who inhabit the border town of Sangre de Cristo.

Note: This book originally appeared as a trilogy of shorter works (Aixa & the Scorpion, Aixa & the Shark, and Aixa & the Spider). It has been re-edited and new content added. Also note, this urban fantasy contains some elements that may be disturbing to readers, including violence, profanity, and sexual content. It is not suitable for readers under 18.

Coming Soon

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More Kat Parish books

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Utter disaster by Vicki Wootton

What happens when you try to do too many things at once?
Disaster strikes, that’s what!

Last week I published a paperback version of my latest novel, Aisling’s Revelation, and had a very difficult time uploading an acceptable cover. It took me three days of trial and error to finally realize that I wasn’t attacking the problem properly. I had overlooked the usefulness of their Cover Creator app, mainly because the cover images were so unappealing. When I realized I could replace the stock images with my own, everything worked out fine.

My apologies to KDP for my negative rating. It was indeed a case of a bad worker blaming the tools.

Now that problem has been resolved, I have another one to contend with.
I lost my website in the course of trying to upload some new files.

I decided to move the domain to WordPress, which was a nightmare on it’s own, and cost me money into the bargain. But I trust WordPress and their wonderful Happiness Engineers will find out what went wrong and why I can’t find my site.

Happy Autumn, everyone! 

autumnbridge-Joshua Howe.jpg
(c) Joshua Howe


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