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About Emerald

I’m Emerald Dodge, the author of the Battlecry series. I write primarily urban fantasy, but I have plans to branch out into other genres. I’m a Navy wife and the mother of two charming little boys. We’re all stationed in Maryland right now, but next year we will move to San Diego.
It’s little surprise that I ended up as a writer; my mother, and several of my aunts and cousins, have also published books. I grew up surrounded by books and the love of reading, and inhaled novels of every kind as I grew up. My fondest childhood memories are at the Rust Library in Leesburg, VA. I plan to put that same library in future books to honor it.
I just wrapped up the Battlecry series, which is about superheroes escaping from the cult in which they were raised. Both subjects–superheroes and cults–are longtime interests of mine. My next series will focus on another, completely different, subject: ghost ships! I’m not usually on for a ghost story, but ghost ship lore has always held a certain romance for me. I am going to write about a ghost aircraft carrier that “serves” in the US Navy.



For one superhero, the good guys can be deadlier than the bad guys.

Battlecry by [Dodge, Emerald]Jillian Johnson, known as the mighty Battlecry, was born into a superhero cult. She craves a life of freedom, far away from her violent and abusive team leader, Patrick. With no education, no money, and no future to speak of, she’s stuck in the dangerous life…until she meets the mysterious and compelling Benjamin, a civilian with superpowers. When Patrick confronts her, she fights back–and then runs for her life. One by one, her ex-teammates join her until a new team has formed.

But Patrick will not let his upstart teammates get away so easily. Humiliated and hellbent on vengeance, he waits for his chance to strike back and kill the new team, and he is happy to murder superheroes and civilians alike. On top of that, Benjamin has joined Jillian and her comrades, angering his own lethal family. Jillian’s enemies begin to close in from all sides.

Desperate and in hiding, Jillian must shed everything she thinks she knows about what it means to lead. Can she rise up to the challenge of defeating Patrick? Can she save Benjamin from his family? Or will she die like every other superhero who’s dared to challenge the cult?

If you like the gritty, understated superheroes in Netflix’s Jessica Jones and the raw urban fantasy of Veronica Roth, you’ll get sucked into Emerald Dodge’s Battlecry!


When her team is betrayed by the people she trusts, Jillian turns her back on being a superhero.

Sentinel (Battlecry Series Book 2) by [Dodge, Emerald]Jillian’s supposed to be the hero, and yet, her elders have her on trial as if she’s a villain. If she’s found guilty, she and her team face harsh punishment and destroyed futures. But when the betrayal and treachery of her elders leads her to flee in search of her missing boyfriend, she uncovers terrible information that makes her wonder if he is really who she thought he was.

Her quest for the truth leads her to a handsome militia leader who makes her question whether she’s been fighting for the wrong side all along. Caught up in a secret war against the people who murdered her brother, Jillian will have to decide if she’s really cut out to be a superhero, or if her loyalties lie elsewhere after all.

As Jillian’s search for truth leads to a search for her inner self, she falls into a violent and tragic downward spiral that leaves many people dead. Jillian must face her elders head on and forge her own path in the history of superheroes, or find herself lost to the violence of the war. But denouncing superheroism as she knows it will mean taking on a century-old institution that will do anything–including commit murder–to stay in power.


Brother against brother. Superhero against superhero. His wife has been kidnapped, and now he must decide how far down the road of vengeance he can go.

Mercury (Battlecry Series Book 3) by [Dodge, Emerald]Benjamin, codename Mercury, is a member of an elite superhero team. Jillian, his wife, has been kidnapped by his soulless brother, Beau. With her life hanging in the balance, now it’s fight or die. Beau believes Jillian knows the whereabouts of JM-104, a compound that renders superpowers worthless, and to weaken his enemies he’s determined to make her talk by any means necessary. Benjamin must risk his life to save her, and then he must destroy what’s left of the JM-104.

But it won’t be so easy. When Benjamin’s team heads after the JM-104 with a ticking clock hanging over their heads, a team of superheroes who specialize in killing other superheroes will be right there waiting for them, just as brother goes against brother with Jillian caught in the middle. In the face of overwhelming odds, will they save Jillian and destroy the biggest threat to their existence? Or will the long arm of hate reach into Benjamin’s heart and destroy everything he holds dear?

Closing Words from Vicki

I enjoyed getting acquainted with Emerald. I think she has a great future ahead of her and wish her well.

My problems with KDP

I’ve just been through a very challenging week, struggling with Amazon’s new enterprise Kindle Direct (KDP) Paperback, which Amazon has adopted as a replacement for CreateSpace. So far I’m losing the battle.

I’m trying to publish Aisling’s Revelation in paperback. All went well until I uploaded my cover; that’s when the fun started. The first cover I uploaded was rejected because it didn’t fit their cropping requirements. I had been so confident that it would fit because I used the measurements they provided.

I had to revise it, which takes a lot of work, over and over again. I didn’t count the number of times it was rejected, but my guess is at least a dozen. Finally, I downloaded their template and fitted my cover into it, confident that nothing could go wrong. Guess what! The cover didn’t fit.

That’s when I gave up and resigned myself to not having a paperback version of Aisling’s Revelation. I decided to give it another shot this morning because I believed I’d discovered the problem, but after two more failures, I gave up once more. The furnace in my stomach was burning too fiercely and I couldn’t take any more.

The old adage, a bad worker blames his tools comes to mind, but I was using the tools Amazon provided, so who is to blame really?

I never had these problems with CreateSpace; if a cover didn’t fit, they would tweak it, but KDP only allows an upload in PDF format, which apparently they can’t change.

The new Amazon project gets two **out of***** from me.

Tell your writer friends

If any of your friends would like to have a profile published here, they/you only have to contact me at This is strictly for self-published authors. Personally, I prefer to publicize Fantasy and Speculative Fiction, although this is not a restriction.






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