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Before we continue with Ruth’s profile, I feel compelled to announce the launch of my latest novel, Aisling’s Revelation. Like Ruth’s books, it is a young adult story, although I know several older people who have read it and love it.



When her grandmother dies suddenly, Aisling’s life is turned upside down. The fifteen-year-old girl doesn’t know how she is going to keep their smallholding going without any family she can turn to for help. She is now alone in the world.

For the past two days, she has sensed someone loitering around the cottage, but never actually saw anyone until the day of the old woman’s passing, when a stranger appears at the door.

He and his female companion reveal they are elves. They convince her that she is also an elf and that her real parents want them to bring her home. They embark on a journey to the Realm of Light, the home of the elves, but disaster strikes …

“The first thing Aisling became aware of was the awful smell. It was like a combination of rotting meat and the horrible weed that grew in the woods near the cottage, stinkweed they called it. The air was musty and the ground damp under her back. When she tried to move her foot, an excruciating pain shot up her leg.” …

R.E. Winkle

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Reggie McKlaine And The Rise Of The Pegasus

The latest release by R.E. Winkels!

Nineteen-year-old Reggie McKlaine, a daughter of a pirate, is supposed to find a suitor

after she finishes etiquette school, but instead finds a curse, a contract, and a swine. Set in the kingdom of Pascal, a coastal city in the country of Bearbethellie, controlled by a suspicious king, Reggie McKlaine and her family seek revenge for their family’s slaying, and take back justice for the people of Pascal.

Aided by the disappointed princess and queen of Pascal, they seek help from the dragon lord. Reggie must travel to the pit at the bottom of the ocean, where old wounds become fresh again. In her travels, she discovers she is not as equipped for the free world as she thought, but she is determined to stop the king.


Young Adult, Fantasy/Romance.

Recommended for 16 years of age and up. Sybil Thomas knows one thing for certain. Her dream is to be a writer. All that she knows to be true changes after her nemesis, Alex Dean, carries her across a mysterious desert and into a familiar place she’s only seen in her dreams. She is the chosen champion of Reverie; a force that can drive away the Phantasms. A fugitive on the run, she must fight between life and death, good and evil, the light and the darkness to reach her destiny. She must save the dreams of humanity, but will she be able to save her Town?

Opening Paragraph:

Her heart skipped beats as she observed the slaughtered mess of her classmates, not that she knew them before, but they were mangled beyond recognition. There were pieces of flesh and sticky blood all over the tiled floor, the marker board, the cheap institutional desks and the wooden door. It was as if someone had taken a bleeding heart and smeared it across the room like an old worn paint brush. Goosebumps spread from her neck to her short spine as she stood trembling, pondering what could have happened. She ran out of the room trying to find help, but only found the same gruesome scene in the other classrooms. She noticed she was leaving behind crimson footprints.  At the same time, she heard a loud snarl from down the pale white painted hall. She could hear whispers but saw nobody around.

Ruth’s Facebook page

I realize this post is a bit late, but I have been busy wrestling with
Amazon’s KDP facility, trying to get my book published. In the end,
I discovered I was the one who was causing the problem.

Cheers! Vicki











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