All About Color Part 1-2

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How Color Affects Us

These are some of the questions answered in this section:

What can Color do for you?
What does preference for a certain color mean?
What do the colors you choose say about you?

Make a note of your favorite and least favorite colors before going further.

Violet Blue Turquoise Green Chartreuse Yellow Orange Brown Red Pink

Violet  SB1  ST1  SG1  SYG1  SY1  SO1  Brown SR1  SR5

Violet or Purple

Favorite color: You may have a tendency to try to enchant and charm people with manners and winning ways. This color is frequently chosen by artists, those who are sensitive, idealistic, and fond of the arts and philosophy.

Dislike Violet: You may tend to disparage anything considered cultured, and dislike pretense and conceit. You may be feeling loss of independence, or be blocked creatively.

Psychological effects: Violet stimulates sensitivity to beauty, creativity, and idealism.  Violet promotes feelings of spirituality and compassion, although those drawn to violet should guard against living in a fantasy world.

Physiological effects: Violet encourages meditation and suppresses hunger.
It has a cooling effect on heat rashes and sunburn.

The image you project: Unconventionality and/or creativity.


Favorite color: You are likely to be conservative, devoted, and loyal. You probably know how to make money, and the right connections, are cautious, steady, and sure of your virtues. Men seem to prefer blue above all other colors.

A preference for blue indicates a need for a calm environment, a desire for peace and harmony, and a life lived ethically and with integrity.
Blue also may be chosen by impulsive people out of a desire for stability.

Dislike Blue: You could resent the success of others, be tired of overworking without getting ahead, or feel you have failed in some way.

Psychological effects: Blue has a calm, soothing effect, however, it is not a good color for people who are depressed.
It promotes a feeling of quietness and relaxation, mental control and clarity.
Indigo (Blue-violet) stimulates intuition and imagination, and has a sedative effect.

Physiological effects: Blue lowers the heart-rate and blood-pressure, and decreases hormonal activity.  Dark blue helps regulate sleep patterns and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Blue tends to blur adjacent objects and strains the eyes. It is not the most suitable color to use for text, either as a background or for type.
Indigo lighting has narcotic qualities.

The image what you project when wearing Blue
Tranquility, competence and versatility.

Turquoise (Blue-green)

Favorite color: You are often discriminating, sophisticated, and well-dressed. You are sensitive, mature, and refined, but sometimes conceited and vain.
You may not be very successful in intimate relationships.

Dislike Turquoise: You probably dislike conceit and pretentiousness in others. You may be denying feelings, or afraid of change.

Psychological effects: Turquoise alleviates feelings of loneliness and encreases sensitivity and creativeness. It is both invigorating and calming.

Physiological effects: Turquoise strengthens the immune system and calms the nerves.


Favorite color: Green represents traditional values, efficiency and practicality—the middle-class suburbanite. If you prefer green, you are usually socially well-adjusted and conventional, a solid citizen. You may resist change, and have a need to be recognized and in control.

Dislike Green: You may be adventurous, originate new ideas, be a non-conformist.
Or you could be socially maladjusted, unconventional, or lack balance in your life. Dislike of Green is also and indication of  loneliness, grief, or rejection.

Psychological effects: Green reduces stress and promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation. (Try a walk in the woods if you are feeling stressed).

Physiological effects: Green suppresses the appetite and lowers blood-pressure and heart rate. It also relaxes the chest muscles to facilitate easier breathing.

The image you project when wearing Green: Stability, efficiency, practicality, and respect for tradition.

Chartreuse (Yellow-green)

Favorite color: You are probably perceptive and lead a rich inner life. You want to be admired for your mental qualities and poise, but may be timid and shy.

A strong dislike of Chartreuse could indicate religious and racial prejudice. See green for other characteristics.

Psychological effects: Chartreuse is associated with feelings of envy, resentment, and possessiveness.


Favorite color:  You are intelligent and emphasize mental activities. You have original ideas, yet are impatient with the ideas of others.
You may be introspective, discriminating, and serious about the world.
You probably have an inquiring mind and love novelty and challenges.

Dislike Yellow: You are likely to be practical and down-to-earth, skeptical of new ideas. You may have suffered disappointment and loss of personal power.

Psychological effects: Yellow helps in the assimilation of new knowledge and ideas, and aids the powers of discernment, discrimination, and memory. It encourages optimism and self-confidence.

Physiological effects:  Yellow stimulates mental activity and seems to enhance the ability to learn. You are probably receptive to classical music.

The image you project when wearing Yellow: Intelligence, charm, optimism and the joy of living.


Favorite color: You are adventurous, enthusiastic, and expansive with sunny dispositions, unique ideas, and strong determination. You get along with everybody, are friendly, quick-witted, and fluent in speech. (One writer talks of enviable good cheer—the Irish personality) in relation to orange.
On the other hand, you may yearn for the warmth of home, a safe comfortable haven.

Dislike Orange: It may indicate mental and physical exhaustion, or you could be a very serious person who is uncomfortable around gregarious types and probably prefer a quiet life, but you would make a loyal friend.

Psychological effects: Orange alleviates feelings of self-pity and lack of self-esteem. Acts as an antidepressant and renews interest in life.

Physiological effects: Orange is stimulating, invigorating, flatters the complexion, and livens up the gloomiest day. Like red, Orange is an appetite stimulant.

The image you project when wearing Orange: Conscientious and considerate, with a friendly interest in others.


Favorite color: You are probably down-to-earth and shrewd, with home-spun qualities. You are sturdy, reliable, conservative, and sometimes miserly. You probably lack spontaneity, are self-controlled, and can be suspicious to the point of paranoia. You have a strong attachment to home and roots.
Some people choose brown because they long for a sanctuary—the comfort and security of safe haven or home.

Dislike Brown: You are likely to be witty, generous, love variety and novelty, and are impatient with anything boring or plodding. You could be striving to become independent.


Favorite color: You are active, competitive, daring, exciting, and impulsive. You tend to be a winner. Preference for red shows a hunger for intense activity and experience.
Sometimes timid people choose red, seeking the courage and other qualities they feel they lack.
Red symbolizes festivity and good fortune in many Asian countries.

Dislike Red: You could be a loner, frustrated and angry due to unfulfilled yearnings. You may be exhausted by too many problems or ill. You may have suffered rejection or defeat. On the other hand, you may just want a quiet, unexciting life.

Psychological effects: Red can cause feelings of impatience and irritability. It may also help overcome negative thoughts.

Physiological effects: Red raises the blood-pressure and increases the heart-rate. It makes you feel restless and tense. It stimulates the appetite and is not a good color to have around food if you want to lose weight.

The image you project when wearing Red: Passionate, energetic, extroverted.


Favorite color: You are charming, romantic, warm-hearted and caring.
Pink may also be chosen by someone who has had a hard life and yearns for tenderness.

Dislike Pink: You may have outstanding issues with a parent that needs to be reconciled.

Psychological effects: It is soothing and reduces aggression feelings. It also alleviates loneliness and despondency, and imparts a feeling of being loved and protected.

Physiological effects: It relaxes mental and muscular tension. Pink also does wonders for fading complexions.

The image you project when wearing Pink: Warm-hearted, gentle, and nurturing, however, too much pink can be saccharine, as if the person is trying too hard to appear “nice”.


Characteristics: Black and white are not really colors. Black is the complete absence light. Black pigment absorbs all light and it also absorbs heat; it is not a suitable color for summer clothes.

The symbolism of Black: Death, Nihilism, Doom, Despair, Depression, Evil magic,  Mystery, the Occult, Obscurity,

Black is considered sophisticated in the fashion field.
It is traditionally worn by widows and the women of certain religious cults, favored by totalitarian and militaristic organizations, and is often worn by antisocial gangs.

Favorite color: You may have feelings of negation, protest, and rejection. You might be emotionally troubled or desire to hide your true nature. Or you may feel hopelessness and despair. Black is also favored by people who are unsure of their identity.
On the other hand it might be a desire to appear alluring and sophisticated, or to look mysterious.

If you dislike black: You probably enjoy life, are self-assured and optimistic


Characteristics: White is cool as it reflects light and heat.

Symbolism: White symbolizes purity and innocence. It is color of mourning in some Asian countries. It is also associated with hospital staff.

It is like a blank canvas inviting the artist to bring it to life, or a blank page waiting to be written upon. Few people either prefer of dislike white.


Color likes and dislikes change as life changes. For example, as a child I liked pink and blue, but as I grew older, orange became my favorite color; currently, my two favorites are violet and turquoise.

Many factors influence color preferences: state of mind, age, health, geographical location, and climate, to name a few. You can moderate the way you feel, act, or are perceived by changing the colors of your clothing and surroundings.

Next Week: All About Color – Part 2 – Your Color Palette

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