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LL Thomsen in her own words

Linda Lund Thomsen (1972 – ) was born in Denmark where she lived until the age of 19. After finishing college in Sorø, she went straight to the UK, where she worked as a bartender in Sheffield, she took some time to practise her English and get acquainted with the British way of life, including strong black tea that definitely required a touch of milk, and the need to look the ‘wrong’ way when crossing the road.

After a year, she briefly returned to Denmark, but having met the man she was to marry in the UK, she chose to move back and settle, living for some time in a drafty rented house with a dirt floor in the cellar, a money-eating electricity meter that required frequent feeding, and a few friendly slugs that kept leaving trails on the kitchen floor.

L. L. ThomsenHaving tinkered with the idea of writing ‘something’, the time was never quite right. She was busy instead with undergraduate studies in Archaeology and Prehistory, retail management, NVQs, and teaching. After leaving work to look after her first child in 2007, the opportune moment arrived to pursue the old dream.

Armed with a love of fantasy, a slightly geeky mindset, and an unleashed wild muse, she began the journey into authorship and has rarely looked back.

“When you have an idea, it just has to be set free,” she says, adding, “My somewhat unorthodox approach to style and flow has been a way for me to test my personal, individual voice. It’s a fluid thing, however. In the future, it might alter to match the shape of new projects.”

Linda currently lives in the UK, Nottinghamshire, with her husband, two children, two cats, and a dog. As with her writing, she approaches life with a nod saying: ‘fear nothing, respect everything’. She enjoys horse riding, science fiction movies, traveling, reading fantasy (but not exclusively), and so much more. Her first published fantasy novel, ‘A Change of Rules’, kick-starts the 11 ‘episodes’ of The Missing Shield – a new adult high fantasy series, with a touch of mystery, intrigue, romance and darkness. ‘The Missing Shield’ is the forerunner to ‘The Veil Keepers Quest’ series.

A more in-depth interview here

A Change of Rules: The Missing Shield, Episode 1


Sometimes life just sucks; sometimes – just sometimes – one bad thing starts an avalanche you never even knew you were destined to ride, and there’s no turning back.
How far would you go in the name of duty, love, and friendship? Two young women are about to find out…

A Change of Rules: The Missing Shield, Episode 1 by [Thomsen, L. L.]Quickening to face the results of a disaster that took place nearly 1000 years in the past, the all-powerful Guardians of Dallancea would soon learn that their once-infallible power and immortal authority as the Protectors of the Veils may no longer be enough to successfully combat the mad Gods and their magic-hungering creations.

It leaves one slightly-jaded Guardian with no choice but to travel back into the Human Realm of Ostravah where the once-rich flow of magic now lie stunted and polluted. Without his usual weapon to hand, and with the Guardian Legacy long forgotten, can he circumvent ignorance and threats to pick up the much-needed link to the Twins: the only people of this age fated to recover and wield the ancient Astrolabe that brings peace?

As Agents of Chaos emerge from the shadows and beyond, there may be no choice for him but to secure a dangerous weapon of pure magic to level the scales back in his favour, but this act would mean breaking sacred laws: something that is sure to bring detrimental consequences.

Meanwhile, two noble ladies have little concept of the deadly circumstances that will soon pull them from the comfort of their station into a world of ancient turmoil. Solancei, handmaiden and life-shield, of the Ostravahn Heiress Iambre, has known the Princess since childhood: they are close as sisters, and yet…
Duties and hard differences have begun to mar their young adult lives; day by day, their affections crumble, leaving their former friendship in dire peril – however, Solancei unexpectedly finds herself in trouble when an illegal duel takes a fey turn, and Iambre is left petrified for her friend’s safety. Fearing the worst, the Heiress knows she must act to help her Shield, but stranded on foreign soil, it seems her hands are tied by diplomacy…


From this promising debut fantasy author comes a unique epic adventure of grim intrigues and darkness, sleek romance and magic.
With a story that will draw the reader into a new original world of thrilling discovery and perilous possibilities, The Missing Shield consists of eleven episodes, which together form the first volume in The Veil Keepers Quest: a series wherein the hunt for the shards of an ancient astrolabe must be completed and the artifact assembled before the new millennium dawns to curse the future.
In this race, the very nature of life itself stands in jeopardy, yet across worlds where enemies old and new rise up and close in; across worlds where not all is what it seems; across worlds where a friendly face and the title of ‘ally’ may not necessarily equal trust or respect, is this perhaps already a doomed venture?
As the price of success grows steep, who will stand and who will falter?

The Missing Shield Episodes 2 and 3

Unexpected Bargain: The Missing Shield, Episode 2Unexpected Bargain: As the Ostravahn Crown Heiress Iambre seeks to come to terms with the alarming news brought to her by the King’s Chief of Security, her guilty feelings about Solancei and Captain Metavo continue to grow.
In uneasy spirits about Zanzier and local Lord, Simarovien Zulavi, additional revelations brought to her by the Security Chief, only serve to dislodge Iambre’s fragile personal peace even further.
Meanwhile, still cut off from her precious skills, Solancei also finds herself mired in uncomfortable circumstances where a reckless choice might be the only thing that can save her, and she is not the only one.
A Perspective of Death: The Missing Shield, Episode 3

A Perspective of Death: Facing an unpredictable foe whose obscure demands could potentially threaten everything she holds dear, life-shield Solancei Calverhana’s desperate circumstances seem to take yet another turn for the worse.
As she fights back, a bold escape attempt leads her only deeper into trouble as she loses her way in the bowels of an old dungeon where an unexpected, but harrowing discovery awaits. It leads her to the fearful conclusion that the nightmarish tales she and the rest of Ostravah believe to be little more than ‘horrors of the imagination’, may just be based on terrifying fact and truth, after all. However, what is the truth?

Vicki’s latest novel,  Aisling’s Revelation,
will be published at the end of Summer.

Hello! My name is Aisling. Until a few days ago, I lived with my grandmother on a small-holding where we raised poultry and grew vegetables to sell in the nearby village of Enisdale. But gran suddenly passed over to the Fields of the Ancestors a few days ago, and I was left all alone except for some aunties who live in the village. They weren’t my real aunts, but that’s what my gran told me to call them. They were her friends.

digital paintings
(c) Corrado Vanelli

The day she passed over, a strange man came to the cottage. He told me he was an elf and he’d come to take me home. We went for a walk in the woods the next day to pick mushrooms and meet a lady elf. This elf—his name is Irial— told me a lot of really amazing things, like my gran was not my real granny; she was just my human guardian. He told me I’m an elf who had been kidnapped as a baby and brought here by another lady elf. I didn’t believe I could be an elf, so he asked me to show him my ears, then he showed me his ears and they were pointed at the top like mine. I hadn’t thought much about my ears being different from other people’s.

They told me that my real parents are the King and Queen of a place called Lycea and that I’m a princess, but I can’t believe that. Irial said Lycea was on a different level called The Realm of Light. He said the Enisdale is in the Mid-Realm. I wonder what’s in the other realm, probably something nasty.

I find it hard to believe what they told me, but they seem like nice people. We are leaving tomorrow. Today we’re packing everything we need for the journey. It must be a long way, because we are packing a lot of food, especially boiled eggs.


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