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About Debi

Debi is an old soul, who recognized a long time ago that there were many far-flung worlds of magic to escape to, where fantastic characters and their tales were waiting to be discovered and articulated. She wanted nothing more than to capture the mythos of magical worlds and make them accessible in ways that would beguile and charm, frighten and enthrall, in short, enchant those of the mundane and non-magical world. Though she tried to work with the corporate world for a while, she soon became sadly aware there was simply no way to integrate her world of fey and magic into that of offices and timecards. At last, she was able to leave that world and return to the griffins and dragons, sorcerers and ælves, and many other genera of the fantasy universe (which is a far more corporeal world than most people realize). She took up where she left off, and after years of traveling many lands—both otherworldly and commonplace—she settled in the Land of Enchantment, where else, with her husband and her cats and began to pull together the mythos of all those many mystical domains.

Debi Ennis Binder

But telling a tale often takes more than memories and notes. Therefore, Debi frequently journeys out into those realms to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Even as they change, things do remain unbothered—some beings are good, some bad, many don’t know what they are, and it can be hard to discern one from the other. Debi listens to them although sometimes she can hardly tell the dark from the light, the up from the down. But she records each tale faithfully, and with the varieties of their species and the worlds they live in, full of discord and harmony, love and hate, virtue and corruption, life can be breathtaking!

Debi can be reached at

Summerbird Rises

Summerbird Rises (An Act of Entreaty Book 1) by [Binder, Debi Ennis]Summerbird Rises begins the tale of Summerbird, a young seer, whose ultimate talent is failing to see the future, an excellent aptitude, as the last thing she wants is to be jailed or worse, executed. Law forbids magic in her land, and heavily armed men enforce that law—strictly and cruelly.

A sly griffin needing a favor lures her back to her magical birthplace, with the promise to teach her magic, and things will never be the same for Summerbird.

Follow her as she learns who—and what—she really is, and why her Grandfather left her in a non-magical world with an old, green-crystal ball, and the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”

Dragon Rings

Dragon Rings (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 1) by [Binder, Debi Ennis]

It has invaded your lands, burned and destroyed entire villages, slaughtered people. It brings scorching, mind-rending pain down upon you, all the while desperately apologizing. It will start a war you cannot win. And yet, you know it is enchanted. Would you risk everything to help it?

Something dark and terrible is attacking, unseen in the night, bringing death and ruin to the peaceable lands of Nesht, and then vanishing back into the cold mists of the surrounding mountains.

Two powerful Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe, join uneasy forces to investigate the ongoing—and very puzzling—destruction. Why would something formidable enough to incinerate entire villages and tracts of forests, crushing people and animals, leave behind massive amounts of valuable gold and jewels? What do these savage invaders want?

As they conduct their investigation, the two young warriors start hearing and feeling a living presence, but it refuses to identify itself. All they know for sure is that it is large and powerful, capable of bringing scorching, mind-rending pain to the two, and then despairingly apologizing for it. When Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, she finally knows what is trying to contact them…a Dragon.

Once upon a time, Dragons were treasured allies of the Witches. What has changed? The two Ring-Witches must learn the truth and stop a war the humans cannot possibly win. But freeing the dragons will be just the beginning, for Mayra and Wolfe and their small assemblage of fierce witch-warriors learn that there are some things worth more than one life. Worth more than their lives.

There are causes that even mighty dragons will die for.

A word from Vicki

Naming characters

I normally use my own name book [Names of the World] for character names, but I decided to try a different approach with the novel I just started because the world in which it takes place has nothing in common with our world. I would have to make up the names from scratch.

After making a list of male and female names with at least two syllables, I split them in two, then I put two of the pieces together to form new names. For example, take the first part of Alan – Al – and pair it with the the last part of Jennifer – ifer – and get Alifer. Of course, you could mix the fragments any way you want.

Here are some of the names I came up with: Andrael – Sarisla – Ardelie – Clatheo – Danlo – Densa – Daneska – Judel – Levon. And they are all pronounceable; I don’t like names that are impossible to say.

This is what I do when I can’t fall asleep at night!






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