The Benefits of Revising

This week, I’ve been busy revising and republishing the Kindle editions of two of my  favorite speculative fiction novels. I felt they were worth the effort because I really like these novels.

At War with Terror

Terror frontAs the war on terrorism escalates, agencies of the USA take control of countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. This causes much suffering in the countries they occupy and naturally opposition groups become active, leading to more and worse atrocities by these agencies.

The novel follows three of these underground groups, as they struggle to free their countries from the iron grip of the agencies of the USA. One in the United Kingdom, one in Canada, and one in Nicaragua.

Where Have all the Young Girls Gone?

Girls 133575_001

This is about a radical drop in the female birthrate and how society and individual women adjust to this situation.

The demographic changes cause by the shortage of women are both drastic and challenging. How do men adjust to life with no hope of marriage or children? What dangers lie in wait for women and girls? What are scientists doing to alleviate the situation?

The story follows the lives of two women, mother and daughter,  as they adjust to a life of not being able to go out without escorts to protect them, not being able to work at regular jobs or go shopping, being constantly vigilant, even in their own homes.

Coming Soon

digital paintings
(c) Corrado Vanelli

The novel I’ve just finished and submitted to beta readers is called Aisling’s Revelation. It is a fantasy—a sort of fairy story—about a young country girl who whose life is turned upside down when an elf appears at her door and tells her she is the lost daughter of the king and queen of the elves.

Because her grandmother/guardian has just died, she has no choice but to accompany him and his female partner to the Realm of Light where the elves reside. On the way, disaster strikes and she is abducted and enslaved by enemies of the elves.






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