Author Profile – Laverty Sparks

Laverty Sparks – The writer with the lovely auburn hair

Laverty Sparks


A graduate of Purdue University in Indiana, she’s been a writer since her fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Baldwin, encouraged her writing and reading skills. Since those young school days, Laverty has had a love affair with books which transformed into the desire to write them.

The writer

Laverty Sparks, a.k.a Laurel Sparks-Sellers, is a former advertising copywriter turned full-time novelist of contemporary romances.

She pens from “That’s All She Wrote Writing Studio” in the Midwest with a focus on female fiction: those women who know what love is all about, what works and what doesn’t. Ones who have been there, done it, learned from it (including herself!)

Leather Horizons by [Sparks, Laverty]First published novel

She’s not sure where she’s going… But it’s going to be a wild ride!

Misty Briscoe has a good job and an eighth-floor apartment in chrome-plated Chicago. But a complicated relationship with her married boss makes life in the Windy City anything but stress-free!

Back home in southwestern Michigan her beloved grandmother has recently passed, and now her grandfather has disappeared. Add to that, Misty’s best friend needs her support in the most unlikely of circumstances.

And when Misty meets wealthy tavern owner Austin Matthews, she may be in for a ride that will take her in a whole new direction!

Join Misty and Austin as they wind through avenues of indiscretion, loneliness, hope, courage, love, deceit, and integrity into LEATHER HORIZONS.

Other interests

Aside from composing words, her other passions include her patient and supportive husband, her extended family, traveling, photography, decorating, exercising, casino gambling, and of course reading.

Visit her website at
Laverty loves to hear from her readers.

Works in progress

PRIVATE PURSUITS – a story of the empowerment of women, will be out in September through Black Rose Writing

THE MINK WRAP IN THE ATTIC – a tale of overcoming all odds, debuts before 2019.

My contribution for the week:
Where Have all the Young Girls Gone?

Girls 133575_001

By 2040, the year Julia is born, there is only one female birth for every five males. The situation continues to worsen in the second half of the twenty-first century, until by the time Julia is in her teens, the ratio has dropped to one in twenty-five. Scientists around the world scramble to discover what is causing this decline in female births, and to find a remedy. The world is turned upside down by the social changes brought about by the epidemic. This story tells how the surplus men try to adjust to the situation, and how women handle their newfound power, which comes with a high price: severe restrictions on their freedom and safety. After a failed marriage, Julia prospers as a courtesan, a high-status occupation in the new society. Catherine, Julia’s daughter, is abducted as a teenager by religious fundamentalists and her life follows radically different path from that of her mother.

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