Where do ideas come from?

Lost Ambitions

My ambition when I was growing up was to become an artist, but I became so bogged down in raising a family and being depressed, it fell by the wayside. I still love art and especially the study of color. Now I paint pictures with words

A Dream

My first novel came about after I returned the manuscript of a writer who’d hired me to type it. I returned it to him after the first chapter because it was so bad, it made me cringe. That got me thinking about writing and I sat down and wrote a novel based on a multi-scene dream I’d had. When it was finished, I had the chutzpah to submit it to a small press. It was never published but the editor gave me so much encouragement, I started another.

A First Line

I wrote another book based on what I thought was a clever first line. I’d been sitting around thinking about various aspects of writing and got to first lines. This is what I came up with: She was a pain in the ass right from the start, and to make matters worse, they’d snatched the wrong girl. The title of the book was The Wrong Girl, (unpublished).


When the USA decided to attack Iraq in 2003, I was so furious that I sat down and wrote another novel. It was called At War With Terror (published). When they attacked Iraq, the president said it would be over in three months. The book was finished in that time, but the war wasn’t.

FaithReluctant Warriors by [Wootton, Vicki]

I’ve been reading The Urantia Book  (Revelation) every day for the last forty-odd years. As soon as I reach the end, I start again at the beginning (it has over 2,000 pages). Some of my science fiction novels are inspired by what I learned in this book. My novel, Reluctant Warriors is based on the description of another inhabited world in the local universe. My fantasy series, The Children of Light reflects some of the teachings.

How do you get your ideas?


New Website

Today I Launched a new website with a new host
associated with WordPress.
The URL is: http://www.vickiwootton.online

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