Labor of Love & More Indie Writers

Creating a Book Bundle

Creating a book bundle of three novels, totaling 1470 6×9 pages, is proving to be challenging. First, I blended all three manuscripts in one file and cut out all the superfluous material. The next step was running it through the grammar checker. This step was essential, because it pointed out so many errors, I’m embarrassed that I allowed them to be offered for sale. I will say that removing hundreds of commas didn’t bother me, but missing words and things like that did. I also created a Table of Contents, which was very difficult because Word would only provide one TOC for the whole bundle, from which I had to laboriously cut and paste into the appropriate places. Now all that remains—I hope—is checking the whole thing to make sure everything is in its proper place.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my British writer-friend, Tracy N Traynor, for giving me the solution to creating a book bundle.

Grammar checker

The thing I like about MS Word’s Grammar Checker is that it points out things I’ve missed over multiple readings and that haven’t been picked up by beta-readers—I don’t blame them at all, reading a 600-page book is an ominous task—it is ultimately my responsibility. I also like that I can choose whether to accept its suggestions or reject them. For example, it seems to be obsessed with the word ‘so’ and always wants to insert a comma next to it, either before or after. I reject those most of the time because they don’t make sense. It can get quite silly sometimes, which is entertaining if not very productive.


Concurrently with that I have also been redesigning the covers. That had to be a labor of love; it took days of work, finding images, editing them to fit the overall design, transforming the results from one image editor to another and arranging them into a workable ensemble.  I may still change some of them, but this is what I have so far:

new bundle.jpg

My third top ten indie writers

I should reiterate that these are books I enjoyed reading over the past few years. They all come from my ‘Good’ collection, books I would read again, or have already done so.

Patrick H. Adkins – Lord of the Crooked Paths   The Rise of Zenobia (Overlord Book 1) by [Smith, JD]

JD Smith –  The Rise of Zenobia

India Drummond – Caledonia Fey series

Dee Harrison – The Firelord’s Legacy series 

Robert Jackson Bennett – The Divine Cities series  Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening by [Powers, Mara]

Graham Diamond – Samarkand  

Quinn Tyler Jackson – Hiroshima in Stained Glass

Mara Powers – Shadows of Atlantis 

Aderyn Wood – The secret Chronicles of Lost Magic   Storms in Amethir Books 1-3 Omnibus: (Storms in Amethir Epic Fantasy Series) by [Cain, Stephanie A.]

Stephanie A. Cain – The Storms of Amethir


Cringe-worthy grammatical error

“One of the most common errors made by writers is disagreement between the subject and verb.

WRONG: Every child deserves a good education if they are to compete in the job market.

BETTER: All children deserve a good education in order to be able to compete in the job market

WRONG: There’s someone at the door; I wonder who they are. The plural pronoun, in this case they, does not agree with the singular subject, someone.

BETTER: There’s someone at the door, I wonder who it is.” (c) New York Times  (2016)

This is error makes me crazy. I’ve been known to discard a book that does it more than once. It’s lazy writing. There are ways to get around it if one cares about being a good writer.

The last word:

“You must not suppose, because I am a man of letters that I have never tried to earn an honest living.” George Bernard Shaw

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