Who on earth is Vicki Wootton?

The eccentric

She has her own ideas about everything—her son says she’s opinionated—but she tries not to impose her opinions on others, not too much. She keeps those for her writing. Her eccentricity does not keep her from being an amiable person although she is a bit reclusive. She has been a vegetarian since the 1970s and refuses to eat the flesh of any creature that has legs, even spiders.

Where did she come from?

She was born in a town in England that had it’s inception in 64 A.D. when the Romans built a camp on the site. Once the Romans left it became a regular settlement. After incursions by the Angles and Saxons, along came the Danes (Vikings) who gave the town its name, Derby. Vicki came along a lot later.

The Old Derby Public Library and Museum  (c) Derby Telegraph.
Derby library (c) Derby Telegraph

This building was her favorite place when she was a little girl. she borrowed her first library book here and—at the age of six—dragged her sister downtown to look at the Egyptian mummy in the museum, and the paintings in the Art Gallery.  She has loved art since she was old enough to hold a crayon and always intended to become an artist


She sallied forth from England when she was nineteen on an ocean liner bound for North America where she landed in Montreal. She has lived in North America ever since and now makes her home in British Columbia, Canada.

Amazing discovery

King Kong movieposterAfter she started writing novels, she found out that her father had revealed on his deathbed that he was the illegitimate son of a well-known British writer, one of England’s most prolific in the twenties and thirties. His books were crime novels, at that time called Penny Dreadfuls. I’ve read quite a few and they were not very good. He is reputed to have written at the rate of one book each weekend.

This alleged grandfather was also the author of the original screen play for the 1930s movie King Kong. Whether one believes her father’s claim or not, it is interesting, at least to her. Alleged Grandfather 

Vicki is not nearly as prolific as he was, but she’s working on it.  Published Novels


In addition to writing several Novels, she was the editor of a newsletter called The Voice for a social club in Mexico for about eight years. Vicki is also the author of big reference book called Names of the World. More about that in a future blog.

She loves color and trees, and hates noise and cruelty. Her favorite food is Pizza and favorite flowers are peonies.



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